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[MOHW News]To eliminate harm from new psychoactive substances, start with family support

  • Data Source:Ministry of Health and Welfare
  •     New Psychoactive Substances (NPS) often appear in the market disguised as coffee packs or milk tea bags, while the contents are often mixed with various drugs such as synthetic cathinones and ecstacy. The young generation may be tempted by mistake or curiosity, which may lead to serious physical harm or even death. First time drug users’ age has shown a decreasing trend in recent years, to curb drug abuse spreading more effectively, prevention is better than cure, and family support can give great strength to keep children away from drug. Therefore, to promote parenting education, to make more use of family function, and to implement anti-drug concept, can be very helpful to decrease the chance of drug contact for young children.

        To raise anti-drug knowledge and ability of the general population, to keep away from NPS’ harm, and to promote family harmony as well as to establish good parent-child relationship, Taiwan Food and Drug Administration (TFDA), Ministry of Health and Welfare joined by other government agencies organized the “drug free home parent-child fun discovery camp”. Through lively and diverse promotion, community people are invited to learn about drug hazard prevention, parents are encouraged to accompany their children to engage in legitimate casual activities. The activities include parent participating education classes, watching anti-drug troupe performances, viewing anti-drug films, barricade breaking and quiz games. During the learning process, more parent- child interactions and better connection are established. Also speaking tour teachers are arranged in community gatherings and festival activities in order to extend anti-drug propaganda work to every family and corners of the community.

        Should you find friends or relatives with drug use problem, you can dial the free direct line for detoxification at 0800-770-885 for help. Also you can search the web for the Ministry of Health and Welfare appointed rehabilitation organizations list ( -3548-37063-107.html). Anti-drug work cannot wait, TFDA calls for all people to join in to establish drug free new home.

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