The players go all the way to show team spirit at the Changhua County Reserve Force Games

發佈單位:國防部英文 Defense 發佈日期:2013-10-02

(By Zhuo Yi-Li, Military News Agency, September 29, CHANGHUA)  The Changhua County Reserve Command today held “Changhua County Reserve Force National Defense Games” at National Erh-Lin Industrial and Commercial Vocational High School.  There were reserve forces and their families from 26 Changhua County Township.  The players went all the way to show team spirit in the whole game.  The Fang Yuan county won the team championship at last.



First of all, the Game began with opening ceremony, then the 26 Changhua County Township entered into the arena sequentially.  Each player in uniform marched into the arena with full vitality and energy which showed the enthusiasm of reserve force.  Soon after, it was the representative of all the athletes to swear the oath for kicking off the game.



1.      The Game has divided into six competitions such as "Force Pulling Rivers", "Crack Shot", "800m Relay Weight", "Striker Daren", "Bigfoot Harry" and "Time Wheel".  The players were grouped by reserved force and their families.  All participants played a sense of honor, unity and cooperation spirit, on the side of the cheerleading squad was also busy for the players.  The atmosphere was bustling with noise and excitement



After fierce competition, Fangyuan Township won the first place, and the second place was the He Mei County, and the third place was the Erhshui Township.



Changhua County Reserve Command said the purpose of the Reserve Games was to bring military and civilian together, to enhance emotion, and to strengthen national defense commitment.  It is to hope that under the leadership of reserve force could turn the sports into a popular trend to achieve the purpose physical fitness.  The reserve force got together cause of this Games, also increased the attachment of the Veterans who enjoyed the blessing of movement.  This Game promoted exactly the message of “Enjoy the Sports, Live Healthy”.


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