Seminar on Military Virtues and Moral Education for Cultivating Lofty Sentiment and Setting Up Examples(2012-09-24)

發佈單位:國防部英文 Military 發佈日期:2012-09-24

(19th Sep, Ching-chieh, Lin, Taipei, Military News Agency) Deputy Minister, Nien-tzu, Yang hosted 2012 Seminar on Military Virtues and Moral Education today.  He expressed that modern-day military officers should establish correct perception and deepen the core values of nation, responsibility and honor and develop military virtues of wisdom, credibility, kindness, courage and solemnity. 

For strengthening military officers’ military virtues and moral education, National Defense University (NDU) held Seminar on Military Virtues and Moral Education in its Fuhsingkan campus.  Secretary as well as missioner of Discipline Committee of MOE, Mu-long, Fu gave a theme talk on Citizen’s Competence and the Education of Military Virtues and Morality to analyze the promotion effects of citizens competence education promoted by MOE for the past few years.  The experience can be a reference for future military virtues education.

According to Deputy Minister Yang, due to global financial tsunami in 2008, the gap between poor and rich keeps expanding which causes serious conflict of social values.  Facing such challenge, military officers should follow the core values of nation, responsibility and honor to internalize the military virtues training into strict code of ethics through various education and training.  Such quality should be able to demonstrate in abiding by disciplines and laws to maintain military’s dignity and honor and further win people’s recognition and respect.

Yang related his personal experience more than 30 years ago while he was receiving the second lieutenant training in Fuhsingkang that military officers should cultivate military virtues and behavior codes with honor and responsibility.  Meanwhile, it is very important for military officers to maintain self-awareness and cultivate the lofty sentiment of not greedy for life and not afraid of death so they can fulfill the sacred responsibilities given by constitution while situating in difficult environment.

Yang emphasized that military cadres should establish professional military images of well conduct and integrity with responsible and honest attitude.  They are also required to break through the myth influenced by changing social atmosphere with evidence and have deep appreciation towards the core value of nation.  In present democratic system, military has the responsibility of propagating the cultures of harmony, unity and respect to consolidate reconciliation rather than disagreement which will pave the safe and strong foundation for the county by such unity between military and people.

The seminar has three sessions for dissertation issuance.  The theme for the first one was Enhancing Military Virtues and Consolidating Patriotism.  The seminar was hosted by Commander of Army, general Hsiang-chou, Lee; Director of General Education Center of NDU, Associate Professor, Kuo-ching, Lu and Associate Professor of Department of Political Science, Fu Hsing Kang College, Yi-hsiu, Hsieh issued two dissertations, Research on the Relations between Religion and Military Virtues: taking Jeremy Lin and religious belief of U.S. Army as example and Taking Military Virtues as Military Officers’ Life-long Values and Moral Cultivation respectively.    

The theme of the second session was Deepen Character Education and Put Military Ethics into Practice, General Hsiang-lung, Tung hosted this session.  Professor of Fu Hsing Kang College, NDU, Ta-hua Mo and Assistant Professor of Department of Religious Studies, Fu Jen Catholic University issued dissertations of Philosophical Speculation on Military Virtues and General Public’s Morales and Ethics and the Symbolic Revelation to Military Virtue: from Yueh Fei’s service to the country with supreme loyalty respectively.

The third session was hosted by Commander of Air Force, General Ming, Yen with the themes of Establishing Anti-corruption Environment in Military and Carry Through Administrative Orders.  Associate Professor of Department of Law, Kainan University, Chi, Lee and Associate Professor of Department of Political Science, Fu Hsing Kang College, NDU, Yi-ming, Yu respectively issued the dissertation of Military Obligation: take the Constitution of Japan Self-Defense Forces as example and The Difference between East and West Military: from Rokeach’s perspective as analytical structure.

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