Complete Medical Evacuation System

Organization:Department of Medical Planning Published Date:2015-06-23 View:21906

Armed forces military health system operates basing on principle of ¡§areas of medical responsibility and prompt, direct casualty evacuation¡¨, with which casualties will be evacuated to the nearest possible medical treatment facilities for proper medical treatment with regional armed forces medical centers being the centerpieces of regional medical support by integrating regional armed forces hospitals and field medical units. Periodic meetings among representatives of medical units within support areas will be held to effectively coordinate and implement activities regarding peacetime and wartime casualty regulation; treatment beds management and control; health care quality enhancement for medical units from all echelons of care; and evacuation policy establishment and execution to ensure that overall medical support functions are fully implemented. Additionally, telemedicine consultation between medical centers on Taiwan Proper and medical units in outlying islands will be employed to enhance medical care for emergent casualties originating from off-shore islands. If such casualties¡¦ medical conditions dictate, emergent aero-medical evacuation and/or maritime evacuation will be arranged and executed to promptly evacuate such casualties to specialized treatment facilities in Taiwan Proper for treatment commensurate to their medical conditions so that rights to appropriate medical care of service men and women will be upheld and safeguarded.

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