Comptroller Office

Organization:Department of Medical Planning Published Date:2017-03-22 View:12131

        Core operational activities of Comptroller Office include budgeting, accounting, stewardship of Military Healthcare Operation Fund, and auditing.

       Budget compilation & execution per Annual Plans of Medical Affairs Bureau remains the fundamental element of budgeting operations, aimed at achieving efficient allotment and utilization for limited defense budget.

        Adequately articulating and classifying individual budget executions as well as economic activities of Medical Affairs Bureau and systemically tallying and analyzing financial data remains essential elements of accounting operations.

        Maximizing financial performance and achieving business operations objectives, based on principles of enterprise operations, remains core elements of Military Healthcare Operation Fund stewardship.

        As for auditing operations, stemming irregularities and mitigating wastefulness via examining and recognizing potential internal operation procedures defects and measuring business operations outcomes and effectiveness remains the fundamental elements.

        By means of cyclical operations of financial management mechanisms abovementioned, Comptroller Office of Medical Affairs Bureau aims to realize administrative objectives and strategic vision of “adequate sourcing and maximal utilization of limited defense budgets allocated”, “maximizing overall effectiveness of financial operations”, “effectively supporting decision making by senior management team of Medical Affairs Bureau”, and “facilitating future development of the military health system”.

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