Department of Medical Readiness & Healthcare

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        Department of Medical Readiness & Healthcare primarily takes charge of planning and supervising programs targeting armed forces members in the aspects of “preventive medicine”, “health promotion”, “medical screening standards”, “healthcare maintenance”, “military medicine R&D”, ”emergency medical services”, “tactical combat casualty care”, “field medical units trainings/exercises”, “disaster prevention & response”, and “humanitarian assistance medical support”.

        The Department’s health service support missions are aimed at providing adequate and quality healthcare services to uniformed members. Furthermore, by integrating various factors capable of impacting battlefield survival rates of armed forces members and conforming to tactical situations, health service support missions are also aimed at enhancing fighting strength by executing health service support missions in the fashion of right time, right place, and most appropriate, in response to mission requirements of combat units of respective echelons.

        In peacetime, the Department aims at optimizing service members’ physiological and psychological health indexes so uniformed members can undergo various rigorous trainings and exercises to enhance overall combat skills by a series of programs that include conforming to medical screening standards and implementing health promotion initiatives for service members (health & fitness, quality sleep, mental health management, tobacco and betel nut hazards prevention, body weight management, healthy diet), epidemic prevention and control, preventive medicine programs, and emergency medical services skills trainings.

        In wartime, the Department is charged with directing medical units of respective echelons to implement their health service support operations to maximize tactical combat casualty care mission effectiveness and to furnish quality and dependable fighting strength for combatant commanders of various echelons.

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