Military Hospitals

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Armed forces general hospitals and their respective branch hospitals are strategically located in each TO throughout Taiwan Proper and its offshore islands. Total treatment bed capacity of these hospitals amounts to 6,990. When necessary, treatment bed capacity can be expanded to meet wartime surge demand to accommodate casualties based upon directives issued by MND. Furthermore, treatment beds of certain pre-designated civilian hospitals can be mobilized by the military hospital to augment healthcare capacity during wartime, as per national medical mobilization plan promulgated by the Legislative Yuan (Congress).

Additionally, some military hospitals are tasked with secondary missions covering various health screening programs for military personnel, aviation physiological training, aviation medicine R&D, undersea & diving medicine R&D and training, and military medicine R&D programs in accordance with military buildup and operation readiness policies of Taiwan military.

Today military hospitals in Taiwan remain the best choice of healthcare services for beneficiaries such as service members, veterans, their dependents, and civilians from home and abroad.

Picture 4: Kaohsiung Armed Forces General Hospital with HEMS Capability


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