Military Medicine R&D

Organization:Department of Medical Planning Published Date:2017-03-22 View:15888

        MAB Military Medicine R&D Steering Committee consisting of experts from diverse disciplines of military medicine is charged with overseeing policy directions, projects funding and execution, and program effectiveness evaluation & validation for military medicine R&D programs.

       The R&D programs are guided by defense policies from senior leaders and driven by real world challenges encountered by frontline healthcare professionals from the bottom.

       The R&D initiatives are aimed at advancing science and art of modern military medicine based on evidence-based research methodologies and global best practices with the following foci:

              1.Health promotion and management

              2.Aviation medicine

              3.Hyperbaric and diving medicine

              4.Global emerging infectious diseases

              5.Trauma medicine and mental health

              6.Suicide prevention and control

              7.Lightweight deployable medical equipment sets

              8.Humanitarian assistance and disaster relief medicine

              9.Regenerative medicine and Geno-therapy

Picture 5: Mobile & Wearable Devices Application in Tactical Combat Casualty Care

Picture 6: Lightweight Deployable Medical Backpack for Combat Medics


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