Our Duties

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Formulation, analysis, implementation and review of the policy for experience management of medical officers and NCOs; and personnel replenishment.

Supervision of personnel affair for the bureau and all sub-organizations.

Implementation of guidance for military medical service issued in MND meetings.

Implementation and control of filing, documentation, doctrine, amendment of regulations for the bureau and all sub-organizations.

Planning and approval of further education and its implementation for the bureau and all sub-organizations.

Control and implementation of logistic support to military medical facilities and construction.

Planning, implementation and supervision of political warfare efforts.

Disciplinary and legal affairs, and personal property clearance.

Security education, and personnel clearance.

Formulation of the Five Year Working Plan for the bureau and all sub-organizations.

Preparing military medical policy.

Formulation of the TPE.

Formulation plans for Operation of military hospitals and clinics and evaluation of their performance.

Preparation and review of long-term development plans for the bureau and all sub-organizations.

Planning and review of medical funds.

Planning and review of medical service bonuses.

Preparation and management of medical statistics.

Coordination and supervision of national health insurance affair.

Planning of automated administrative operation.

Implementation of research, development, and evaluation affair.

Formulation and review of military medical policy.

Formulation and review of regulations for military physical checks.

Planning and review of education programs for military medical personnel.

Formulation of development policies for aeromedicine, underwater and hyperbaric medicine, and military medical studies.

Studies of medical science and technologies.

Planning and implementation of preventive medical measures.

Management of medical disputes.

Evaluation and assistance of operations of hospitals.

Selection and award of outstanding medical personnel.

Medical logistic supplies and medical equipment maintenance.

Acquisition and maintenance of medicine, medical supplies and equipment.

Formulation plans for mobilizing medicine, medical supplies and equipment.

Preparation of manual and documentations for operation of medical logistic supplies and maintenance of medical equipment.

Formulation of annual plans for medical supplies and equipment maintenance.

Formulation, implementation and review of procurement project for medical coverlets and clothes.

Planning and supervision for management and maintenance of automated medical supply and equipment system.

Planning and supervision of military medicine-related affair.

Supervision of the operation for phasing out old equipment and material.

Planning and supervising health service support policies of armed forces.

Formulating and supervising of armed forces health service support and health education planning.

Ratifying, recommending, and supervising command and employment of armed forces field medical units.

Overseeing armed forces health service support readiness operations.

Supervising matters regarding armed forces casualty regulating activities, disaster prevention and relief medical support, and preparing for and response to mass casualty incidences.

Planning and supervising matters regarding armed forces medical mobilization.

Ratifying, recommending, and supervising mobilization plans of personnel and materiel for units under the bureau.

Compiling, editing, reviewing, supervising, and evaluating performance of armed forces health service support doctrines.

Selecting, and awarding outstanding field medical units of armed forces.

Control of experience management for comptrollers serving at the bureau and all sub-organizations.

Preparation and distribution of budget for the Annual Working Plan.

Management of accounting for medical service and review of related regulations.

Review of budget requirement, unit performance and monthly reports for all sub-organizations.

Management of cash account.

Supervision of accounting operations of sub-organizations.

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