Medical Education and Training

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        Medical education and training are inseparable and reinforces each other in supporting the most robust military healthcare system. Taiwan MHS features both a sensible division of responsibility and a seamless integration between education and training programs.

        NDMC, TSGH, and Health Service Training Center (HSTC) are the three most important pillars of military medical education and training system, and are the proponent agencies for basic/advanced medical education, clinical specialty training, and tri-service field health service support training respectively.

        Founded in 1902, NDMC (equivalent to USUHS of The U.S. Military) is the one and only military medical university in Taiwan. Educating diverse classes of medical professionals, devoting to the advancement of military medicine, and promoting medical research and development (R&D) remain core missions of NDMC.

       At NDMC, students can pursue courses in various areas: medicine, dentistry, pharmacology, nursing, public health administration, biomedical engineering, etc. There are three levels of degree, including bachelor degree, master degree, PhD degree. Education programs of NDMC feature in seamless integration of teaching, research and medical care.

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        TSGH is not only the teaching hospital of NDMC but also the highest-ranking center of medical excellence of Taiwan MHS. As the most important teaching hospital of Taiwan MHS, TSGH provides clinical rotation trainings for interns of NDMC and other leading medical schools, residency training programs, and numerous specialized training programs tailored for specialists.

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        NDMC along with TSGH also offer scholarship programs and various levels of clinical training opportunities for medical and nursing students as well as medical professionals from allied and friendly nations. For those interested in such scholarship programs or clinical training opportunities, please visit official websites of NDMC or TSGH for more information.

        HSTC is the institute designated to provide pre-hospital EMS training programs. Self-aid, buddy aid, advanced trauma life support, aeromedical evacuation techniques and tactics of field health service support activities are primary programs tailored to equip trainees with all necessary knowledge and skills to successfully perform their peacetime and wartime health service support missions.

        HSTC has trained and certified more than 11,000 EMTs (EMT-1, EMT-2 & EMT-P) as of September 2016. Most of the nationally certified EMT-Ps will be primarily stationed or embedded in military units in offshore islands or remote sites where local healthcare infrastructure is less developed. Those deployed EMT-Ps constitute the backbone of Taiwan MHS pre-hospital care system.

Picture 3: Casualty Evacuation Operation by Taiwan Special Forces

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